Plumbing System

Design, Engineering and Execution of total Plumbing system consist of the following:

Water Supply

  • Domestic water from water treatment plant for General purpose (Kitchen wash, Wash basin & Bath).
  • R.O Water for Drinking & Industrial Utility System.
  • Raw Water Tank, Domestic water tank, SS Tank for R.O. Storage with transfer Pumps to Over Head Tank / Hydro pneumatic system.

Drainage Disposal System

  • Soil and Waste Lines from E.W.C, wash basin, Floor traps and kitchen sink, collected and taken to Sewage Treatment Plant, Recycled water can be used for Flushing and Gardening.
  • Roof Top Rain water Harvesting - Storm water drain collection and disposal.

Main Objective

  • To have a zero discharge from the premises and water savings, by Rain Water Harvesting and Use of Recycled water from S.T.P.